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When was the last time

you brought your body

in for a tune up?

"When your body is working better, you feel better — physically, mentally, and emotionally. You become more adaptable. I believe in a model of hands-on healing that doesn’t just help you overcome a problem but helps you live a better life. Building on the principles of Structural Integration developed by Dr. Ida Rolf, my holistic practice integrates a variety of treatment modes to keep your musculoskeletal structural system properly balanced and your body aligned. Don’t wait until you have a breakdown — do the maintenance work to keep your body moving easily and you feeling your best.
Russell Ditchfield-Agboh, P.T.

“I recently had the honor and pleasure to get deep, meaningful, and long-lasting body work from my friend Russell Ditchfield-Agboh. Russell’s work is some of the best I’ve EVER had, and I’ve had thousands of treatments, in dozens of modalities, over the last 20-plus years. His anatomical knowledge is matched only by his wise hands and sensitivity. Things opened stay open, and the body receives options it hasn’t had in years or even decades. What Russell does isn’t a massage. It’s extremely deep and intense and can feel at times like a KGB interrogation — but the results are there, again and again.”

—  Ido Portal,

Israeli trainer and movement coach to Conor McGregor Russell Ditchfield with Ido Portal Physical Therapy Montclair
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